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Monday, July 09, 2007

Specialist stroke centres and trauma centres planned

Specialist centres to replace hospitals - Observer


"In a major shake-up of health care, the government will announce that London's major hospitals will be transformed to focus their work on acute care.

The changes, which will take place over the next decade, will mean two key practical changes for NHS patients. Up to eight specialist stroke centres will be established in London and the number of major trauma centres in the capital will be tripled to handle victims of major incidents and serious car crashes and major incidents.

The dramatic changes will be announced by Professor Sir Ara Darzi, the pioneering surgeon appointed by Gordon Brown as a health minister, who has been conducting a review of healthcare in London. In an interview with The Observer Darzi said that the days of building large new hospitals in London are over.

'The whole message here is: one hospital that fits all is no longer the future of health service in a big capital city like London,' he said. 'I, as a clinician, as a surgeon in cancer, am highly specialised in one area, in one organ. The hospitals are becoming like that, we need more specialised hospitals.'

They will be allowed to focus on acute care by creating up to 200 giant GP surgeries, known as polyclinics, to allow patients to receive all but the most urgent treatment under one roof. Operations under local anaesthetic and treatment for chronic illnesses, such as heart failure, will be carried out at the polyclinics, freeing major hospitals to concentrate on caring for patients with acute needs."

You can lower your risk of stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, obesity and many other degenerative health conditions by eating less salt/sodium.

Lose weight by eating less salt! Go on! - Try it! - You will feel so much better!
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