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Monday, December 24, 2012

We all know that NHS cruel negligence would end if the perpetrators were sacked and subject to criminal prosecution.

We have read in the last two days the most recent reports of extreme cruelty to which elderly patients have been subjected in an NHS hospital, the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch. See these reports in the Telegraph: Here, Here and Here. Yet we all know that NHS cruel negligence would end if the perpetrators were sacked and subject to criminal prosecution.
We all know that NHS cruel negligence would end if the perpetrators were sacked and subject to criminal prosecution. We may wonder why no UK government in all the years since the NHS was founded in 1948 has done anything useful to stop the cruelty and negligence, the damaged health, the pain and suffering, the shattered lives of innocent patients. - Why? When we all know that NHS cruel negligence would end if the perpetrators were sacked and subject to criminal prosecution. 
Why the official pretence that there are only a few bad (guilty) apples among a shiningly dedicated workforce? We all know that bad apples spread their rottenness to the other apples unless they are promptly removed. We all know that NHS cruel negligence would end if the perpetrators were sacked and subject to criminal prosecution.
Why are the most guilty (and usually the best paid) personnel moved sideways to jobs in other localities? - jobs exactly similar to those at which they have signally failed? And why are they paid golden severance settlements? We all know that NHS cruel negligence would end if the perpetrators were sacked and subject to criminal prosecution.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Weight Loss Ward: what I thought about it

I watched the two episodes of Weight Loss Ward on ITV (see here and here), about some of the work of the obesity unit of Sunderland Royal Hospital. The patients featured were extremely obese and their lives were consequently full of difficulties, ill-health - including High Blood Pressure and Diabetes - and emotional and social problems. Various healthcare staff sought to help them.
The main help on offer appeared to be Weight Loss Surgery, aka Bariatric Surgery, and we heard a lot from the chief surgeon in this field. He clearly believed he could help these unfortunate people, and wanted to help them, but his help was contingent on their losing a set amount of weight first, or he would not do the surgery. The patients in question were extremely keen to have this surgery and seemed to regard it as the answer to their weight problems, even though it would bring problems of its own afterwards.
Certainly the surgery did in the main appear to help the patients and they were happy about it. But me - I don't think I'd ever go for it, were I in their position. I've read too often about things going wrong after surgery like that, and lives cut short, about huge new problems taking the place of those surmounted.
Patients and staff told us about traumatic life events that were thought to have started the obesity, like early loss of a loved one, or sexual abuse, etc. The idea seemed to be to talk about these matters, to confront them and 'deal with' them. Well, maybe that helped, I don't know. They also had meetings with dieticians who tried to help and encourage them with that initial weight loss required by the surgeon in order to be accepted for surgery. - Now that's were I felt really important measures were omitted.
Some found it tremendously difficult to lose that initial weight, and honestly it was made more difficult than it need have been. Putting an enormously heavy guy on a low calorie diet and expecting him to be able to stick to it despite great hunger, and pushing temptation into his path every day by way of someone taking a trolley round and selling chocolate bars! He was being set up to fail. And although one of the women succeeded in losing weight by limiting her food to Rice Krispies, skimmed milk and Diet Coke, she should surely not have been encouraged to eat such nutrition-depleted garbage instead of real food! - What on earth were the dieticians thinking of?
The easiest, fastest, safest way for obese people to lose a lot of weight is to cut down drastically on salt and salty food, eating real food, raw or cooked from fresh without adding salt. - Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I heard any mention of salt. As well as bringing about weight loss, salt reduction is the most effective way of lowering high blood pressure. It also reduces risk of heart attack and stroke, reduces breathing problems, e.g. with asthma, and lessens the pain of arthritis and many other chronic pains.
So opportunities were sadly missed. As well as the salt thing, it seemed that not even one of the staff recognised the desirability of improving these patients' vitamin D status. I reckon that the frailty and those falls the fat woman had had which had frightened her relatives and confined her to her bedroom, were in large part caused by low vitamin D levels.

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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Thinking of getting a stairlift?

This week, along with my copy of the Radio Times coming through the letterbox, there were also some of those leaflets advertising this and that. There is usually at least one with a photo of a photogenic TV doctor endorsing something or other, and doubtless being very well paid to do so. This time the 'doctor advert' was trying to sell stairlifts. 
If you too received one of these leaflets and it has started you wondering whether you should be getting a stairlift - a very expensive purchase - I would just like to invite you to read this blog article I posted earlier this year. You too may well be short of vitamin D. Most people in this country are short of vitamin D because the main source of vitamin D is sunshine, and we don't get a lot of that in the UK. Perhaps you too would benefit more from improving your nutritional status and thus your bone and muscle strength and general health, than by spending thousands of pounds on an expensive stairlift.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Dawn has lost a lot of weight by following my advice

Dawn started trying to lose weight at the beginning of January this year. She used to email me asking me for information and advice. (I can be emailed from my website.)

I told Dawn that for very overweight people like her, the fastest and safest way to lose weight is seriously to cut down on salt and salty food. She lost a lot of weight easily by following that advice.

But Dawn had a big problem that did not involve salt. This problem was her and her family's liking for sweet stuff, especially cakes and suchlike. For years she had been duped by the many misleading suggestions on the internet and elsewhere that by using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, the lower calorie intake would result in weight loss. I explained to her that this was not true, but she found that hard to remember because of a lifetime's conditioning to believe the lies of the dieting industry.

I became very concerned about Dawn and sent her a particularly firm message about the dangers of eating artificial sweeteners - and indeed artificial additives of all kinds - and that message finally sank in, thank goodness. She gave up eating sweet and sugary foods. She severely cut down on carbs in general and instead ate mostly protein foods and foods high in healthy fat.

I'll bet you're wondering how much weight Dawn has lost since January. - Well she has lost well over 60 pounds in weight and looks set fair to reach a loss of 70 pounds, i.e. 5 stones, by Christmas! - That's a really impressive achievement, you will agree. - She has gone from a size 26 to a size 16! - And she is feeling sooo much better...(o: