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Monday, June 11, 2007

Unproven goats' blood treatment for MS patients is on sale in UK

On sale in the UK: unproven goats' blood treatment for MS patients - Guardian


"Multiple sclerosis sufferers are spending their life savings and running up large debts to pay for a treatment derived from goats' blood that is being sold in Britain without any scientific proof that it works.

The MS Society is concerned about promotion and sales of the treatment, called Aimspro, to people with the progressive disease who have few other options. It has called on the firm selling it, Daval International, to put the drug through trials.

There are also concerns about a registered charity called Proventus, which was set up to lobby for greater access to Aimspro, but now says that it has broadened its field to a range of largely alternative products for MS.

Proventus, many of whose trustees and officers have small shareholdings in Daval, organises road shows to talk about Aimspro to people with MS. A recent event in Wimborne, Dorset, was described by one man who attended as reminiscent of a religious rally. "It was a very evangelical meeting. Others who were there said it was like a Billy Graham sermon," said Tim Worner, who runs a support group in Bournemouth for people with MS and invited Proventus to speak to it.

"A guy at the back of the hall stood up and said he took Aimspro once a week and was better. He said he had been in a wheelchair and used two sticks. He walked to the front and gave us a short talk on how he spent £180 to inject it once a week and how he wished he could afford to spend twice that. That's a good-sized mortgage payment."

MS sufferers often have low energy levels. - Reducing salt intake definitely increases energy levels, is completely safe and costs nothing, so MS sufferers may like to try this. It would improve their health in many other ways too.

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