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Friday, June 15, 2007

Teenagers are in the grip of a sexual health crisis fuelled by a "celebrity culture" that condones alcohol abuse, drug addiction and promiscuity...

Teenage sex crisis 'due to drink and drugs' - Telegraph


"Teenagers are in the grip of a sexual health crisis fuelled by a "celebrity culture" that condones alcohol abuse, drug addiction and promiscuity, Government-funded advisers warn today.

A daily diet of celebrities in sexualised poses, taking drugs and getting drunk has led to increasing numbers of children "defining their lifestyle" around drugs, alcohol and sex in their early teens, with Britain now having the highest rate of teenage pregnancies and sexual infections in Europe, they say.

Despite this, Government campaigns have failed to make the link between drugs, alcohol and sexual health - even though many drugs increase sexual desire, leading to more sex and more drinking, the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) on Sexual Health and HIV reports.

At the same time, "distorted messages" mean young boys wear football shirts emblazoned with alcohol brands while girls read magazines portraying them as sex objects, or purchase "sexualised" dolls.

The strongly-worded report concludes that there is "no national and joined up Government approach" to deal with the problems."

"In a single act of unprotected sex with an infected partner, adolescent girls have a one per cent chance of acquiring HIV, a 30 per cent chance of getting genital herpes, and a 50 per cent chance of contracting gonorrhoea.

Caroline Flint, the health minister, said the Government would examine the report."