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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Information doctors give about what causes obesity is wrong and is the reason for increases in obesity. Now they want to damage fat children further!

Doctors: Obese children could be put into care - Telegraph


"Obese children under the age of 12 should be placed on the child protection register if social services believe their health is at risk, doctors said yesterday.

In the most extreme cases, medics believe they should also be taken away from their parents and put into care.

Their comments followed a BBC investigation which questioned 50 consultant paediatricians and found that obesity was a factor in at least 20 child protection cases in the last year.

A motion to be debated at the British Medical Association’s annual conference this month will call for overfeeding to be considered a form of parental neglect or abuse. "

"Doctors who spoke anonymously to the BBC said:

“We’re very lily-livered about this as a society.

"I have seen an obese child taken away from parents return to a normal body weight in a few months.”

“I’ve seen a 10-year-old who could only walk a few yards with a walking stick. Her diet of chips and high fat food could firmly be laid at the parents’ door. I believe they were killing her slowly”.
“Seeing a 10-year-old with diabetes and high blood pressure. He is at risk of heart disease in his 20s - the family will not make changes.”

“One 12-year-old boy came into hospital to be put on a diet. His family were caught smuggling in 1lb bars of chocolate for him.” "

I think it would be very wrong and harmful to remove children from their homes and families and restrict their food intake, when this is a damaging way to try to reduce obesity.

As you can read in the extracts above, and if you read the whole article in the Telegraph, no one is explaining that the cause of child obesity (and high blood pressure and early development of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc) is high sodium/salt intake, NOT overeating. - Overeating, so-called, is the consequence of the weight gained by fluid retention in children who have had salt and salty food instead of the low sodium meals that are best for children's health and proper development. - Obviously anyone, child or adult, who is carrying excess water round in their bloodstream, as a result of their body's difficulty in excreting excess sodium and the water it attracts to itself, needs extra food - extra calories - to carry and service that heavier body and to provide extra calories because of the extra heat the larger body loses from its greater surface area.

Coupled with these problems, fluid retention often causes fat retention too, because of shortage of calcium, magnesium and potassium. - Slim, healthy people who are not sensitive to salt simply excrete in the urine any excess salt and its attendant water, so they do not gain weight by fluid retention. - And any excess fat they eat is excreted in the faeces. (That calories in, calories out rubbish the 'experts' try to get us to believe is obviously nonsense: normal faeces contain a lot of fat. - Think about it - in many countries, animal dung is used as fuel: it obviously contains a lot of calories. - Slim people are not slim because they are virtuous and not greedy or lazy; they are slim because they are lucky and are not suffering from fluid retention and fat retention. They eat what they like and as much as they like and they do not gain weight because they excrete the excess.)

If your child is obese - or you are obese - the most important thing to do is cut down on intake of salt and salty food. The next most important thing is to eat plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables, because the potassium they contain helps to remove excess sodium and water from the body. - IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO DIET, AND INDEED DIETING IS HARMFUL. IT IS NECESSARY TO EAT PLENTY OF FOOD - REAL FOOD, NOT DIET RUBBISH. - REAL FOOD CONTAINS THE NUTRIENTS THE BODY REQUIRES. IT DOESN'T NEED ADDITIVE THIS AND ADDITIVE THAT; IT NEEDS FOOD.

If you think you may have fat retention as well as fluid retention - and that is probably the case - then you need extra calcium. Yoghurt can supply this, or you can get some calcium tablets from the chemist or the health food shop. The ones I take contain a mixture of calcium and magnesium as these both help with the fluid retention and the fat retention. - Your body will then start excreting some of the excess fat it contains. - Do not take magnesium tablets without calcium at the same time as it could cause diarrhoea. - You can read about the help that calcium provides on the BBC website, where the work of some Danish researchers is featured. - Here's an extract from an email I sent to someone who, like me, became sensitive to salt because of negligent prescribing of hormones by doctors who do not know enough about the dangerous drugs they prescribe:

"Danish research shows that eating extra dairy calcium, as in dairy yoghurt, increases, in a perfectly natural and safe, healthy way, the amount of fat lost in the faeces. It was shown on a BBC2 programme some weeks ago. -
BBC webpage about calcium from The Truth About Food series of programmes - Maybe you should copy the whole page in case it ever disappears from the BBC's website. - Note: it does not require you to eat less or reduce calorie intake - only to eat MORE calcium. - If you do try yoghurt, make sure it's ordinary dairy yoghurt, not the extremely low fat stuff."

Lose weight by eating less salt! Go on! - Try it! - You will feel so much better!
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