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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Do Botox parties need to be regulated?

Ministers accused of bottling out of Botox clampdown - Guardian


"The government was yesterday accused of "bottling out" of introducing regulations to clamp down on Botox parties and beauty clinics which offer aesthetic fillers to disguise wrinkles and plump up lips.

Although surgeons who perform face-lifts and liposuction are subject to some regulation, high street beauticians who offer Botox and fillers are not. And while Botox is a prescription drug which should only be given by a doctor or a nurse under supervision, there are suspicions that the rules are sometimes broken.

An expert working group reporting in January 2005 was also concerned by reports of Botox parties, where champagne was consumed and women who wanted to lose their laughter lines were offered two jabs for the price of one.

The government accepted the report's recommendation that clinics offering Botox and fillers should be regulated by the Healthcare Commission, which monitors the work of the NHS. But yesterday the health minister Lord Hunt said the industry would have to regulate itself. "Cosmetic surgery providers have shown real commitment to improving levels of quality and safety, and so I have decided to ask the industry to take the lead in further improving standards," he said."

What are normally considered as signs of aging or diseases of aging are not normally caused by the passage of the years; they are often the cumulative effect of dieting, poor nutrition and the side-effects of many drugs which are too readily prescribed, often for too long a time, in too high a dose and without adequate monitoring.

To preserve your youthful looks as long as possible eat good meals prepared without the addition of salt and eat plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables, and avoid taking drugs even if they are prescribed by a doctor, unless they are really necessary and are properly monitored. NEVER go on a diet! - ALL diets in which you eat fewer calories than your body requires are harmful. - Read page http://www.wildeaboutsteroids.co.uk/story.html

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