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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Proximity to pylons a factor in childhood leukaemia and other diseases?

Ban on homes close to pylons would cut child leukaemia says report - Guardian


"Banning the building of new homes and schools within 60 metres of power lines is the "best available option" for reducing deaths from childhood leukaemia and possibly other diseases, according to a report from a government advisory group.

The report falls short of recommending this as government policy, however, because of fierce disagreements between members, saying only that "we urge government to make a clear decision on whether to implement this option or not".

The report said that such a policy would have a dramatic effect on property prices within power line corridors. It puts the cost of restricting development at £1bn. But some members of the stakeholder group that put the report together were very unhappy with its conclusions.

"The report is deeply flawed and unrepresentative of what was agreed in meetings," wrote Professor Denis Henshaw, an expert on the health effects of power lines at Bristol University, in one of the report's appendices. He believes the scientific evidence for the effects of power lines on health is compelling and wanted the report to recommend an immediate moratorium on building close to power lines followed by legislation prohibiting it."

"Adult leukaemia, adult brain cancer, Alzheimer's amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, breast cancer, childhood cancers, depression, heart disease and miscarriage have all been linked to power lines, but the scientific evidence is less definitive. If the power lines contribute to these conditions then the health costs are about 100 times the cost of childhood leukaemia alone, at around £5bn."