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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Schoolchildren are becoming so fat that special outsize school uniforms are having to be stocked by school outfitters.

Obesity epidemic feeds demand for 52-inch school uniform - Guardian


"Britain's largest specialist schoolwear retailer has expanded its range of outsized uniforms for sale "off the peg" in response to growing demand from parents who are struggling to find clothes to fit their overweight children.

In what health campaigners say is the latest evidence of the growing obesity epidemic affecting children and teenagers, the National Schoolwear Centres chain is announcing today that it is to offer blazers with 52-inch chests, trousers with 42-inch waists and shirts with 17.5-inch collars. The company said it believes they are the biggest sizes in the school uniform market in the UK.

The garments are designed for boys, although the retailer says it is already offering blouses to fit a 48-inch bust in its existing range for girls at secondary school.

The retailer's managing director, Graham Michelli, said: "The overall trend is that ... boys and girls are getting bigger and girls' legs are getting longer. At the start of the school year one of our stores sold uniforms to two 11-year-old boys. One was fitted with a 26-inch blazer and the other a 48-inch blazer. That is the sort of range we are seeing. One of our stores was even asked for a pair of trousers with a 48-inch waist for a 13-year-old girl.""

"The campaign group Sustain, which incorporates the Children's Food Campaign, said the new sizing was a reflection of the state of youngsters' health. One child in three in the UK is overweight or clinically obese, and that figure could rise to one in two by 2020 if children are not encouraged to eat and live more healthily. Childhood obesity can lead to diabetes, bowel cancer and heart disease."

The overwhelming problem is the continued false assumption that obesity is caused by overeating and that it can be reduced by calorie restriction. - But obesity is NOT caused by overeating. It is caused by fluid retention, which in children is usually caused by eating a salty diet. - See http://www.wildeaboutsteroids.co.uk/children.html

Obesity can be easily reduced by seriously reducing salt/sodium intake and eating plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables. Avoid convenience meals/processed food because these are usually very high in salt. Try to cook from scratch with fresh ingredients. - It is important not to restrict calories. - 'Slimming' or 'dieting' is unnecessary, ineffective, counter-productive and often extremely harmful.

Since this Guardian article specifically mentions the campaign group Sustain, which incorporates the Children's Food Campaign, I would like to point out that I emailed Charlie Powell of Sustain two years ago, explaining that obesity is not lessened by dieting, but only by reducing salt intake, and I included evidence and weblinks to support what I wrote and he wrote back: "Many thanks for your e-mail. It all sounds most interesting and I will endeavour to follow up the links you have provided." - Clearly he did not bother to do this or we would not be in the appalling situation of children becoming more and more obese.

Last year I rang up Kath Dalmeny of Sustain, since clearly nothing at all had been done about the info I had sent Charlie Powell. I also emailed her more than once. - She emailed me back, emphasising that Sustain informs people about the need to reduce salt intake. - BUT THAT, OF COURSE, IS NOT THE POINT! - Every Tom, Dick and Harry is advising people to eat less salt! - The point is that people are NOT being told that THE WAY TO REDUCE OBESITY IS TO EAT LESS SALT and eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. - And, crucially they are not being told to give up calorie counting and dieting, because these actually have the effect of increasing fluid retention and therefore increasing obesity and serious illness.

I consider it very remiss of Charlie Powell and Kath Dalmeny not to have done anything useful or effective with the vitally important information I sent them.

The trouble is, misguided health campaigners like Charlie and Kath are frightened of getting into trouble if they go against the conventional wisdom. - If only they were frightened of harming the innocent victims of the conventional wisdom!

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