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Monday, April 09, 2007

Compulsory trainers and trousers for schoolgirls? - Will this lower obesity? (Answer: No, it won't.)

Compulsory trainers and trousers - a new plan to combat obesity among schoolgirls - Guardian


"Girls at primary school should be made to wear trousers and trainers and football should be banned from sections of the playground to encourage girls to stay active for longer and help tackle obesity, according to a new study.

Research into the way girls play at school has shown that impractical clothing including shoes that slip off can prevent them taking part in energetic games involving running and jumping.

But the study, by Carrie Paechter at Goldsmiths, University of London, also found that a typical playground dynamic involves football games played almost exclusively by boys taking over most of the space leaving girls as static observers."

"· There are around 1 million obese British children under the age of 16, according to the British Medical Association.
· US research found that girls who are obese at four are significantly more likely to hit puberty by the age of 10.
· From 1995 to 2004, obesity among girls aged 11 to 15 rose from 15% to 26% and for boys from 14% to 24%.

· Children as young as three are being treated for obesity. In the average child, 20% to 25% of body weight will be fat, but specialists report some toddlers with up to 50% body fat.
· Soaring obesity has led to a rise in childhood type II diabetes and will lead in future to more heart disease, osteoarthritis and some cancers."

I'm all in favour of making it easier for girls to be more active if they wish, and in favour of trousers and trainers, but these changes will not lower obesity at all, because obesity is not caused by inactivity or by overeating. It is caused by fluid retention.

The easiest and safest way to reduce obesity is to eat less salt and salty food. The excess weight will be lost very fast indeed if at the same time plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit are eaten, because these foods contain a lot of potassium, which displaces some of the excess salt/sodium in the body, and that excess sodium is excreted, along with the excess water that accompanies the sodium, thus reducing weight. - It is important NOT to diet or restrict calories. Eating fewer calories than the body needs is harmful.

Lose weight by eating less salt! Go on! - Try it! - You will feel so much better!
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