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Sunday, August 16, 2009

NHS is prescribing more sleeping pills

The Telegraph reports that GPs issued more than a million prescriptions for sleeping pills last year, and that "Zopiclone, also known as Zimovane and Imovane, which was prescribed to 4.7m people, was the most popular sleeping tablet."

The brain is not infinitely elastic and it is your most precious possession. I do not consider that drugging more and more people with brain-altering drugs is a good idea, especially as some sleeping pills are addictive. Drug-induced sleep is not refreshing, life-enhancing sleep like natural sleep is. Sleeping pills benefit the manufacturers, not the patients.

There are safe, drug-free ways to improve sleep, the simplest and most effective being to cut down on salt and salty food and to optimise nutrition. But remember, if worry is the trouble, pills are not the answer. - Pills will render your brain less able to deal with your problems.