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Monday, August 24, 2009

Risks from Overuse of Tamiflu and Other Antivirals

Reported by the LA Times here.

Since the risk of drug-resistant strains of viruses resulting from overuse of antimicrobial drugs is so well-known, why, exactly, was the on-demand supply of Tamiflu to all and sundry resulting from the Telephone for Tamiflu debaclé allowed? and why is it so erroneously referred to as "a safety-first approach?" The only possible beneficiaries from this cavalier distribution and over-supply of Tamiflu are the drug companies.

This leads me to wonder which members of the government/Dept of Health are wanting to favour the drug companies with huge profits from Tamiflu at £15 a dose - and WHY - even at the risk of endangering public health? What is the quid pro quo?