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Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm puzzled about the New Scientist

Note added on August 17th:

I can now access the New Scientist website again. My comment has not been reinstated. I can now read the Terms and Conditions and I am still unaware of any way that I could be considered to have breached them. I put my real name to my comment and, where the form asked for website URL, I gave it. I gave it because the form asked for it. I studiously avoided putting any links in the comment itself. Anyone could click near my name to reach my website www.wildeaboutsteroids.co.uk which is a non-commercial website that warns of the harmful side-effects of prescribed steroids and other prescribed drugs and explains about the benefits of eating less salt, principally the benefit of losing excess weight easily and safely. I created the website because as a steroid victim myself I wanted to save others from the great and unnecessary suffering caused by the reckless over-prescribing of these and other drugs. The website does not sell or advertise anything and it has no sponsors.

August 14th: It's weird.

I receive emails from the New Scientist each week as I am on their mailing list, and I read many of their interesting articles. Occasionally I submit a comment on an article.

This week there was an article about weight control. The article is called "The fat that makes you thin," and I submitted a comment about how to reduce obesity easily, swiftly and safely. The comment appeared beneath the article and I did actually get a visitor to my website as a result so I know it was seen by at least one other person. - But I can't get to that exact webpage now and my comment appears to have been removed from the page though I can still find the comment in some archived pages on the internet. I can't access the New Scientist's terms and conditions for contributing comments so I can't check to see if I could possibly have contravened them. What I wrote has no connection with any adverts or sponsors and is simply facts/advice to help their readers. - I'm puzzled as to why my comment has been removed.

I do not seem to be able to access the New Scientist website at all. I'm disappointed about this and I'm genuinely baffled as to why I have apparently been banned. The New Scientist more than any other publication should, one feels, be open to new thinking about obesity.

This is what I wrote:

"Obesity is easily, swiftly and safely reduced by cutting down on salt and salty food, because this reduces fluid retention, the real cause of obesity. Reducing sodium intake also reduces fat retention, which most commonly caused by fluid retention aka salt retention. Increasing potassium intake assists because potassium displaces some excess sodium (and its attendant water) from the body.

Increasing calcium intake also reduces fat retention because it increases the amount of fat excreted in the faeces. The role of calcium in weight loss was explained on a BBC2 programme, The Truth About Food, a few years ago.

All of these safe, simple ways of reducing excess weight are nothing whatsoever to do with calorie intake or calorie reduction.

It is easy to put to the test what I have suggested. If you are overweight I urge you to try my suggestions. You will definitely lose weight and will also feel a lot better."