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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is CDS a form of murder on the NHS?

Is CDS (Continuous Deep Sleep) a form of murder on the NHS? - I believe it is. See what Dr Harrison has to say about the death of his father in Doncaster Royal Infirmary, here in this BBC News report.

A friend of mine was telling me only today about an old lady she visits every day and has visited every day for some years, who has recently been 'taken over' by 3 NHS nurses working shifts to be with her 24 hours a day in her own home. They have very heavily sedated the old lady, telling my friend that this was because she was 'agitated', but this was not the case, and in any case, would be no justification. My friend is very concerned about the old lady, whom she still visits every day, but she feels unable/reluctant to intervene/protest, not being a relative. I too feel concerned about the old lady, although I do not know her. This arbitrary drugging is cloaked in the rhetoric of caring, but like Dr Harrison, I believe it is a form of murder: murder on the NHS. I do not believe anyone would want to die like this - to have this cruel form of death imposed on them by health professionals who have decided it is time for them to go. How can we protect ourselves from this? Or other people?

Puts you in mind of Dr Shipman, doesn't it?

Callousness masquerades as Care in the NHS Dance of Death.

Look at this chilling statistic taken from the BBC report: "Research suggests use of CDS in Britain is particularly high - accounting for about one in six of all deaths."

Hello, America! - What do you think of these examples of Britain's End-of-Life Care on the NHS?