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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Can Psychiatry and its Prescription Drugs be Trusted

This Radio 4 programme BBC webpage entitled "Rewriting the Psychiatrist's Bible" is available to listen to online for another week. I am sure you would find it interesting and illuminating - and sinister...

Psychiatrists invent new psychiatric illnesses/conditions; drug companies invent or rediscover pharmaceutical drugs to treat these putative conditions. The pharmaceutical industry profits from the sales of this mind-altering medication; the medics who prescribe the stuff benefit financially from their ties with Big Pharma. - All is fine and dandy - except for the fall guys: the children and adults who trustingly take the psychotropic junk and suffer the multitude of adverse side-effects, one of which is usually massive weight gain and its attendant ill-health.

Avoid this junk.

Good nutrition is the best physician and the safest medicine.