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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Obesity is the 'main cause of cancer in non-smokers'. - Readers of my website will have known this for years...

Obesity 'main cause of cancer in non-smokers'

Extracts from the report in the Telegraph:

"Obesity has become the main cause of cancer in non-smokers, a global conference will hear next week.

The World Cancer Research Fund has spent five years collecting information about the effect bodyweight, diet and physical activity has on the risk of developing cancer and will present its findings on Thursday.

Smoking is still the single biggest cause of cancers, accounting for one third of the 300,000 cases in the UK each year.

But only one quarter of people smoke and research has found that for non-smokers being overweight or obese is the most important avoidable cause of cancer. In the UK, 12,000 people a year could avoid cancer if they maintained a healthy weight, according to Cancer Research UK.

Obesity is known to cause between nine and 15 per cent of breast cancers – more than defective genes.

A recent study found women who have gone through the menopause and are obese increase their risk of developing breast cancer by a third."

"Obesity is also known to increase the risk of bowel cancer, and accounts for between 11 per cent and 14 per cent of cases annually. Men who are obese have a 60 per cent increased risk of developing the disease.

Studies have also estimated that a quarter of kidney cancers, a third of oesophageal cancers and four in 10 womb cancers are caused by obesity.

There is evidence that obesity is linked to nine other rarer cancers.

Prof Tim Key, an epidemiologist at Cancer Research UK who is presenting at the conference in London next week, said: "Already the majority of people don't smoke and for them obesity maybe the most important identified cause of cancer."

He said eating a balanced diet was important to remain a healthy weight but there was little credible evidence that so-called superfoods such as garlic, broccoli, or berries actually prevented cancer."

My lip tends to curl when people advocate 'a balanced diet'. - Meaningless verbiage, in my opinion. - To avoid or to reduce obesity, the paramount advice should be to avoid eating salt and salty food, avoid dieting, eat good meals with plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables, AND ABOVE ALL, AVOID PRESCRIBED MEDICATION UNLESS IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU TAKE IT. - SO MANY PRESCRIPTION DRUGS CAUSE FLUID RETENTION AND THEREFORE CAUSE OVERWEIGHT AND OBESITY.

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