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Monday, October 15, 2007

Trans fats are to be banned

Trans fats to be banned to halt rise in obesity - Telegraph


"Last month, a report by Gordon Brown's former adviser, Sir Derek Wanless, found that obesity was one of the problems that would "overwhelm" the NHS in the future.

Targeting trans fats is one of the ways the Government intends to tackle the problem. Many supermarkets have already started phasing out the use of trans fats in thousands of their own-brand food products. In addition, hundreds of branded foods have been reformulated to avoid using the fats.

Although they can form naturally in dairy products, most of the trans fats in the diet come from processed food. They are added by manufacturers to extend shelf life and enhance the taste.

I have no doubt at all that manufactured trans fats are bad for our health, but they are not a major factor in the rapidly increasing incidence and severity of obesity around the world. The main contributory causes of the 'obesity epidemic' are fluid retention/sodium retention/salt sensitivity, frequently initiated by recklessly-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs by a medical profession dangerously ill-informed about drug adverse side-effects, and by the high levels of salt ladled into our food by the profit-centred food industry.

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