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Monday, October 22, 2007

Continuing to give the wrong advice will further increase child obesity and wreak havoc with children's health and happiness

Parents of obese children to get warning letters

Extract from the Telegraph report:

"The weighing programme was not well received during its first year and as many schools did not take part, the statistics were deemed to be useless.

Last year the participation levels were much improved, however, with the weights of almost a million children being collected as a result of every primary care trust in England and Wales taking part.

Ministers believe they can now introduce the controversial letters and all parents will be sent the obesity warnings as a matter of course.

The growing scale of the crisis was revealed in a Government report last week which predicted up to half of adults and 26 per cent of children would be obese by 2050.

The Foresight report also warned of the life-threatening problems of childhood obesity and suggested that there would be a 70 per cent rise in type 2 diabetes, 30 per cent increase in strokes and 20 per cent increase in heart disease.

As a result overall life-expectancy could decrease by as much as 13 years.

When the report came out, Mr Johnson insisted that children would be the focus of efforts to curb the trend.

He said: "More than 80 per cent of obese 10 to 14-year-olds remain obese into adulthood."

He added that more would need to be done in schools to in terms of the nutrition of the meals and participation in physical education.

Ministers are now bracing themselves for criticism that the warning letters could stigmatise fat children."

All that is needed to reduce obesity in children is for them to eat meals low in salt/sodium. Dieting is harmful and ineffective; exercise is hazardous and humiliating for obese children and adults.

Overweight and obesity are not caused by overeating; they are caused by fluid retention in people who are sensitive to salt/sodium. - You can read on my website about the vulnerable groups of people:

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