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Monday, October 22, 2007

Scotland plans to abolish prescription charges

Scotland plans to axe prescription charges

Extract from Telegraph article:

"The public services ''apartheid" between England and Scotland has widened again as Scottish ministers pledged to abolish all prescription charges north of the border.

  • Your view: Should English taxpayers subsidise Scottish health care?

  • While millions of patients in England will still be expected to pay for vital medication, prescriptions in Scotland will be available
    free of charge within four years.

    The move was cited as the starkest example yet of the "unfairness" of
    the current funding arrangement, with English taxpayers forced to pay
    towards improvements to health care and education available
    only in Scotland.

    Scottish residents already have access to free eye care and dental
    check ups, free personal care for the elderly, extra central heating
    grants and a number of drugs deemed "too costly" for the
    National Health Service in England and Wales.

    As a result of plans announced earlier this summer, Scottish students
    will receive a free university education and pupils in the early years of
    primary school could soon be taught in class sizes as small as 18."

    Unfortunately, most prescription drugs are far from 'vital', as the
    article mistakenly implies. - Overwhelmingly, prescribed drugs do
    far, far more harm than good. -
    I've been warning for years about prescribed drugs

    Scotland already has the highest obesity in Europe,
    and free prescription drugs are likely to increase obesity
    still further, since so many of the drugs cause/worsen obesity
    because of sodium retention and water retention.

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