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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

About my stay in Sheffield's Northern General Hospital (5)

I cannot praise the theatre staff too highly; they were excellent - kind, skilful, painstaking, efficient...

I was very concerned about my feet. - As a steroid victim, my feet are extremely painful all the time, the skin thin and fragile, the grossly swollen, overstretched veins aching, tender and very delicate. - I asked if I could leave my socks on to protect my feet from the pressure of resting on the operating table, but was not surprised when I was told this would not be possible. - What they did instead was put lots of padding around my calves so that my feet were lifted up above the table's surface. - That was such a good idea!

They also put padding everywhere that my delicate skin might otherwise have touched, and all my other concerns they dealt with just as thoughtfully and reliably.

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