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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Prescribed drugs are a snare and a delusion....

Here is an example of what I mean, taken from my recent stay in hospital:

A female patient was troubled by the pain of constipation (which was likely to have been caused by the morphine medication administered because of her operation to mend a broken hip). She was given pain-killers for this constipation pain - pain-killers that have constipation as one of their many adverse side-effects!

She was then given Lactulose to relieve the constipation. - She said this made her feel sick and so she was given further medication to treat the feeling of sickness! - This drug culture is madness! (Nor did the Lactulose work for her and so she ended up having an enema!)

It is my belief that our bodies and minds can cope with most pain - that they indeed evolved to do so.

They did not evolve to cope with vast quantities of pharmaceutical junk!

I insisted on not being given morphine for my operation, and although I suffered a lot of very severe pain during the 4 weeks I was in hospital I coped with it, and the only analgesics I took were paracetamol when I had reason to believe that a migraine was on its way. - When I notice the visual disturbance - jagged lights, etc - of an incipient migraine, if I quickly take 2 paracetamol this usually prevents the headache from coming. - And I know from experience that I do not seem to suffer ill-effects from paracetamol taken in this way and do have the great benefit of averting the migraine.

Similarly, when I had a hysterectomy in 1994 I resolutely refused to have morphine, and I made an excellent recovery, unhampered by the side-effects of morphine.

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