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Friday, October 12, 2007

The national scandal that is the NHS: - the 'Health' service that harms, and even kills, far too many of the people who use and pay for it.

Where to start? - There is such a mass of evidence of appallingly poor hygiene and appallingly poor care amounting, in my opinion, to cruelty, in yesterday's reports that shocked and shamed and horrified our nation...

Healthcare Commission Report

Case studies: Wretched death of C.diff victims - Telegraph


"Everything was going well, the hip was fixing, then four days after her operation to mend her hip we were told she had diarrhoea. As far as we knew that's all she had. We were not told that she had C.diff.

"She was left in her own soiled sheets and was sobbing because nobody had cleaned her up. Her treatment was appalling. She was not being fed properly, not being cleaned, and there was only one commode between six patients. She didn't die of a broken hip, she died of hospital neglect."

Mrs Stewart said she was considering suing Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. She said she was "not surprised" by the Healthcare Commission's revelation of so many deaths from C.diff.

"They seemed to be taking bodies away every five minutes," she said."

Superbug boss has record of dirty hospitals - Telegraph


"Asked what she intended to do about the filthy wards at her hospital, Rose Gibb insisted she had introduced an "action plan" that would "address the issues" of inadequate cleaning.

This classic piece of management-speak was delivered in March 2001, when Miss Gibb was implicated in the first of a string of hygiene scandals at three separate NHS trusts.

The Daily Telegraph has learned that Miss Gibb, who rose to the £150,000-a-year post of chief executive of the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust before she left the job last week, has an unenviable track record of presiding over dirty hospitals where infections have been able to spread.

Despite this, Miss Gibb has been richly rewarded by the NHS, which may yet give her £250,000 in severance pay if the Health Secretary's attempt to block it is ruled illegal."

I hope this woman receives a prison sentence...

Pay-off to superbug hospital chief is blocked - Telegraph

Read what ordinary citizens have to say about these disgraceful matters: - Health Secretary intervenes in superbug row: Have your say: How worried are you about hospital hygiene?