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Thursday, January 06, 2011

While at my computer desk the other evening...

The other evening I was sitting at my computer desk, holding a printed sheet to which I was referring, when the piece of paper slid from my hand, ending up on the floor under the desk, next to the wall. In the way that one does, I bent down, still sitting at the desk, stretching, stretching, stretching my arm - too far, unfortunately, and I slipped from my chair, landing painfully and awkwardly on my hands and knees on the floor. - That was fun! - As a steroid victim I have painfully thin skin and painfully delicate, swollen veins, and to get up I needed to put extra pressure on my poor painful knees and to supplement this with pressure exerted by my even more painful, delicate hands, one pushing down on the seat of the chair and one pushing down on the top of the desk, if I remember correctly. - But it was much too painful to do this...)o: - And it was also much too painful not to do it...)o: - I couldn't stay crouched like that all night, damaging the delicate skin and veins more and more.

There was a soft cushion on the floor on which I tend to place my swollen, painful feet and I struggled to pull it toward my knees so that I could put my knees on it and thereby reduce the pressure on them. Then with determination I forced myself to get up from the floor, disregarding the agony for my knees and hands. - I was exhausted. But what a relief to be up!

One good thing though was that there was no-one with me grabbing hold of my desperately painful arm, determined to 'help' me by pulling at it!!! - Ooh no, please! - Don't grab someone's arm! You stop them from being able to use that arm/hand to help themselves. - Check with them first - ask them - if they would like you to pull their arm, and don't be offended if they say no! - I think you will find that they would be delighted to accept your kind offer of help - but by you offering your arm for them to grasp and pull on to help themselves up. - Offer your strong arm; don't grab and squeeze their delicate one. - Well done! Thank you for your help!