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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm stepping up my water intake.

I've read so many times that this is good for you, so I'm really going to try drinking more water. In addition to the water I was already routinely drinking during the day and the glass of water I drink before bedtime, for a few days now I have been drinking at least ten ounces (i.e. half a pint in my country) of water before each meal. And I'm swapping a few of what would normally be cups of tea or coffee and having a glass of water instead.

I used to think of tea and coffee as equivalent water vehicles, but I now realise that they are not. Maybe you too consider that a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of fruit juice/drink or a coke, etc counts as water intake? - Sorry: that's not so. - Water - the drink on which our species evolved - has got to be the drink most suited and healthy for our bodies and our brains.

You may like to try drinking more water yourself. - You may find as I have done that it helps when you have a headache or if you are feeling stressed. It's good for the digestion too. And helps you to think more clearly. Let's discover together what other health benefits come to us...(o: