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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Study finds Pay-for-Performance does not benefit patient health

"As news outlets throughout Europe and the U.S. report on the plummeting health of Western adults and children, there is no shortage of culprits. One villain often bandied about is the "fee for service" system of incentives for physicians. Clearly, if doctors are financially rewarded for simply performing more procedures, costs will soar at the expense of patient health."

But, as physorg.com reports, Pay-for-Performance, an emerging movement in which physicians are rewarded not for what they do, but for quality of care and patient outcomes, has also not been found to benefit patients with hypertension, despite enormous administrative costs. - Andrew Lansley: please note!

My take on this is that until the healthcare industry acknowledges and promotes evidence-based facts about the causes of the continued rise in obesity and its related degenerative diseases, patient health can only continue to go from bad to worse. The 'prescribe more and more and more drugs' culture embraced by most doctors is harming patients; the falsely-named 'healthy eating' advice given by healthcare agencies and promoted by the Food Industry and the Dieting Industry that profit by it, the salt-laden processed food that crams the shelves of the supermarkets, are disabling and truncating more and more lives.

We need to revert to eating more natural food, without added salt, free of synthetic added chemicals that do not exist in real food, free of cloying sweetness that perverts the taste: food that is naturally nutritious, not with added this and added that to pretend that it is nutritious. We need to curb the pharmaceutical industry's excesses and put legal limits on what and how much doctors are allowed to prescribe - especially to children.

Good nutrition is the foundation for good health. 'A pill for every ill' is a damaging delusion.