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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Study: Ineffective, harmful antipsychotic drugs are being prescribed more and more, without good reason

Study finds that ineffective, harmful antipsychotic drugs are being prescribed more and more, without good reason, as reported here. Increasingly these powerful drugs, with their many ghastly adverse side-effects, have been prescribed 'off-label', even to children! (Off-label drugs are those prescribed by doctors for purposes not approved by the FDA.) This damnable pharmaceutical junk causes terrible physical, emotional and mental suffering and it destroys lives!

Jeffrey Lieberman, MD, is chairman of the department of psychiatry at Columbia University, and was not involved in the study. But he tells us the reason for this off-label prescribing: “Off-label prescribing is an important component of practice,” Lieberman says. “The reason is that it really takes a lot of money for a drug company to jump through all the hoops to get an FDA indication. There may be good evidence that a drug is effective in a given condition, but the company doesn’t see enough of a market there to get it approved.”

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, straight from the mouth of a psychiatrist: all that prescribing of drugs that cause such great suffering to innocent patients, including children, is in order that drug companies cover the costs of jumping through "all the hoops" to get FDA approval!

But the most important hoop should be that a drug is safe. And the next most important hoop is that a drug is effective - that it 'does what it says on the tin'.

Periodically, these evil drug companies and their complicit stooges, the medically qualified prescribers of these toxic drugs, get some sort of punishment following court cases, and usually it is that the companies have to pay money - fines and/or damages. Sadly, the money they have to pay is insignificant in comparison to the huge profits they have raked in from selling the drugs, and so the punishment for their wrongdoing does not deter them from repetition of the wrongdoing.

The CEOs of the companies should be punished personally, with the full rigour of the Law. A long spell in prison is more likely to deter them from continuing to harm people for company profits. - OR - and here is a radical suggestion! - since they favour off-label prescribing for conditions not covered by their licence to use the drug - why not inflict the drug on them while they are in the prison? - I have a firm belief that by themselves suffering the adverse side-effects, they would be completely cured of encouraging off-label drug use again, provided it were to be made clear to them that they would receive the same punishment again if they re-offended.