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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Scandal of many deaths from Diabetes drug, Mediator, approved and subsidised by French health service for 33 years

Scandal of many deaths from Diabetes drug, Mediator, approved and subsidised by French health service for 33 years. "President Nicolas Sarkozy has promised "the most complete transparency" on how a drug which is now suspected to have killed up to 2,000 people was officially approved, and subsidised, for 33 years by the French health service." - Read article in The Independent.

This is what Dr Rath's website has to say about the matter: " Despite repeated warnings from scientists around the world, a deadly pharmaceutical drug, Mediator, was prescribed to 5 million French people. Successive French health ministers ignored scientific advice that the drug – produced by the French pharmaceutical giant, Servier, a company well known for its cult of secrecy and close relations with French politicians – was at best useless, and at worst highly dangerous. In all, the drug is now suspected to have killed 2,000 people. Notably, therefore, it has emerged that French President Nicolas Sarkozy – who, in 2004, coerced the marriage between French pharmaceutical dwarf Sanofi and Swiss/German drug giant Aventis/Hoechst – previously worked for Servier as a lawyer."

Here is the back story.
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