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Friday, March 09, 2007

23-stone woman, Sheila Dunn, dies of malnutrition after gastric by-pass surgery

23-stone woman dies of malnutrition after gastric by-pass - Evening Standard article


"A 23-stone "super obese" woman died of heart failure as a result of malnutrition just months after undergoing a life-saving gastric bypass operation.

Sheila Dunn, 52, died last August, weighing just over 15 stone, just nine months after the surgery, in November 2005.

The inquest at York heard how she fell into the dangerous category of "super obese" - meaning surgery was the only way she could prevent her weight from killing her."

I can't agree that surgery was the only way forward for this very unfortunate woman. - Had she been given the correct information about what causes obesity and what is best to do to reduce it, she would still be alive.

Here is some SAFE and EFFECTIVE advice for anyone who is obese and wants to lose weight:

'Slimming' is unnecessary, ineffective and potentially harmful. It does not reduce obesity, because obesity is NOT caused by overeating. Obesity is caused by fluid retention, and is best reduced by reducing salt intake. 'Slimming' drugs, appetite suppression and calorie restriction are unnecessary, undesirable and often harmful, even if prescribed by a doctor. Surgery is always dangerous and follow-up care is often inadequate.

I believe that most morbid obesity in adults is caused by the side-effects (notably sodium retention) of many prescribed medications, especially steroids and HRT. When prescribing these dangerous drugs, doctors should warn the patient not to eat salt or salty food while taking the medication because eating salt will result in sodium retention and fluid retention. Unfortunately, doctors do not do this. The safest and most reliable way to lose the weight gained is to eat less salt.

All overweight people suffer from fluid retention. - You can reduce this and lose some of the excess fluid/weight you have in your body by eating less salt/sodium and making sure you eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. - You do NOT need to restrict calories!

Lose weight by eating less salt! Go on! - Try it!
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