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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Is your cholesterol level high? Do you take statins?

If you want to feel younger, forget your statins - Sunday Telegraph article by Dr James LeFanu


"A doctor accused of wittingly prescribing useless or possibly lethal drugs would vehemently - and understandably - deny it. This makes it rather difficult to oppose the prevailing medical consensus on statins - the cholesterol-lowering drugs prescribed to four million people in Britain at a cost of £1 billion a year.

That's quite a sum. It could pay the salaries of 700,000 nurses or build two spanking new teaching hospitals.

An even bigger sum is £15 billion. That is the profit the pharmaceutical industry made last year from this, the most profitable class of drugs ever invented. They are so profitable that the latest statins to reach the market came with a £600 million promotion budget, to "promote" the notion to family doctors and policymakers that the lower the cholesterol the better, and that at least half the population would benefit from the drugs.

But it is not so. Statins are useless for 95 per cent of those taking them, while exposing all to the hazard of serious side-effects. Hence my ever-growing file of letters from those who regrettably have had to find this out for themselves, illustrated by this all-too-typical tale from Roger Andrews of Hertfordshire, first prescribed statins after an operation for an aortic aneurism (that he had cleverly diagnosed himself)."

The drug-free way to reduce your cholesterol level (or to prevent ever developing problems with cholesterol) is to cut down on your salt/sodium intake, because you are much more likely to have cholesterol problems if you are sensitive to salt.

And remember, high cholesterol levels are often the result of taking prescribed steroids or HRT, because these drugs often cause salt sensitivity and obesity.

Remember - many prescribed medications do more harm than good.

Lose weight by eating less salt! Go on! - Try it! - You will feel so much better!
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