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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dr Max Pemberton reflects on the disrespect towards old people which he says is endemic in our society

Finger on the pulse
Article by Dr Max Pemberton in the Telegraph


"If Age Concern objects to the semiotics of a hunched back and walking stick to depict residents of care homes, presumably they would rather an image that more accurately reflects older people in institutions.

Should the signs depict an elderly demented woman tied to a chair while staff ignore her? Or an elderly man in bed, slowly starving as his food tray is placed slightly out of reach day after day? Or people going blind because primary care trusts won't fund the medication to save their sight?

This is the plight of the elderly in hospitals and homes up and down Britain, and it's this that Age Concern should be concentrating on. I'm not sure how you'd capture these images in a sign that was easily readable at 30 miles an hour, but if you could, they would certainly make you slow down and think."

To stay as healthy and fit as possible as you get older, you need to minimise your intake of salt and salty food.

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