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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A "forgotten generation" of teenagers is suffering the catastrophic health effects of obesity, drugs, drink and casual sex, according to research.

Teenage health 'timebomb' threatens NHS
Article in the Telegraph:


"Too much food, too much alcohol, too many drugs and too much sex has created a "timebomb" of health problems that will do lasting harm to a generation and place mounting pressure on the National Health Service, the Conservatives say.

They accused the Government of "neglect" over the issue and said Britain's "broken society" was to blame. Using official NHS and Department of Health figures, party researchers detailed the growing toll on teenage health of unhealthy and illegal behaviour including:

  • The number of teenagers admitted to hospital for alcohol-related treatment in 2006-07 was 12,682 – up 51 per cent since 2000-01;
  • Admissions relating to smoking tobacco rose 41 per cent;
  • From 2003 to 2007, the number of teenagers treated for sexual infections rose 21 per cent;
  • The number of teenage girls having abortions rose 15 per cent from 2003;
  • In 2006-07, a third of children turning 13 were obese or overweight. The data suggest that some social and health problems are growing fastest among younger teenagers.

Drug-related hospital admissions among 11-15 year olds rose 33 per cent from 2000. Smoking-related admissions were up 63 per cent.

The nationwide figures for England mask sharp regional disparities, with the North reporting worse figures on almost every front.

Sexual infections rose by 58 per cent among teenagers in the North East, for example, compared with three per cent in the West Midlands.

Teenage abortions were up 30 per cent in the North West, but down two per cent in London. The capital has the fattest children, with 36 per cent recorded as obese or overweight on entering Year Six at school. The English average was 31 per cent."

Well I can help with the obesity problems. - Teenagers (and other people) need to be told the truth about what causes obesity, namely salt sensitivity/fluid retention, and the best ways to prevent/reduce obesity, namely avoid eating salt and salty food. - And manufacturers of processed foods and ready meals need to be curbed BY LAW from adding salt to their products unless there is a genuine need for it - and I don't mean the need to flavour it!

And everyone should be told the truth about dieting, namely that dieting does NOT reduce obesity and that dieting is harmful and usually causes weight GAIN, because it increases fluid retention, and weakens bones, etc. leading to greater risk of fractures later in life.