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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prince Charles remains vehemently against genetically modified (GM) crops.

Prince Charles sparks debate over GM crops claims
Article in the Telegraph, following the Daily Telegraph's exclusive interview with Prince Charles


"In a statement setting the Prince against politicians who believe GM foods will be crucial to feeding under-nourished populations in the developing world, he said: "What we should be talking about is food security, not food production - that is what matters and that is what people will not understand."

His belief was backed up by Mike Childs, the campaign director for Friends of the Earth. "GM crops will not solve the food crisis - and forging ahead with an industrialised farming system will continue to fail people and the environment around the world," Mr Childs said.

However Phil Willis, a Liberal Democrat MP and the chairman of the Commons science committee, said the Prince's "lack of scientific understanding" would "condemn millions of people to starvation in areas like sub-Saharan Africa"."

"The Prince accused large corporations of conducting experiments with nature, which had, he said "gone seriously wrong". His comments were supported by Patrick Holden, a director of the Soil Association.

"If we go down this path I think we will put this country at risk. There could be a period of great difficulty in the next 10 or 20 years," Mr Holden said. "No evidence has emerged from the first round of GM crops of any public benefits. They have actually increased pesticide use in the farms that have used them.""

I've a lot of sympathy with Prince Charles' views on GM foods.