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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A cholesterol-lowering drug, Inegy, may increase the risk of cancer.

Cholesterol-lowering drug 'may increase cancer risk'
Article in the Telegraph


"The drug called Inegy is taken by thousands of people in the UK and the drug regulator is studying research which has linked to indicated a link to increased cancers and deaths from cancer.

It is a combination of the statin simvastatin and ezetimibe for use in patients whose cholesterol cannot be controlled by one drug alone.

Just under 300,000 prescriptions were dispensed for Inergy in the last two years in England and Wales, official figures show.

The American Food and Drug Administration issued a statement saying preliminary findings from a study has shown found the drug did not reduce cardiovascular problems as expected and a larger percentage of patients on the drug were diagnosed with and died from all types of cancer than those on the placebo during the five year study."

So! - It doesn't actually work and it also causes extra deaths from cancer? - Best not to take it then...(o: - or prescribe it!

You may wonder why doctors prescribe these rubbish drugs that don't work and are so harmful. - There was a good clue on the radio today. - There was criticism of pharmaceutical companies that provide expensive junkets/trips abroad for doctors and other health professionals to go to 'conferences' and other euphemisms for free holidays in exchange for prescribing more of the drug companies' pharmaceutical junk to their innocent patients...)o:

'Twas ever thus. There have been many eminent critics of the medical profession's venality and cupidity, e.g. Dr Joe Collier, clinical pharmacologist, was writing about this influencing/bribery of doctors by drug companies 20 years ago in The Health Conspiracy - How Doctors, the Drug Industry and the Government Undermine Our Health and other publications. See also Sleaze

Actually a great many, possibly even most, prescription drugs increase the risk of developing cancer - steroids, HRT, anti-psychotics, tricyclic antidepressants, etc.