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Friday, February 12, 2010

Dr Andrew Holton's child victims, reduced to 'zombies' following his misdiagnoses and wrong treatment, have been awarded £4 million in compensation

The Telegraph reports that Dr Andrew Holton's hundreds of child victims, reduced to 'zombies' following his misdiagnoses and catastrophically inappropriate medication, have been awarded £4 million in compensation. This appallingly poor doctor, who had worked for years as a paediatric neurologist despite having no formal qualifications in paediatric neurology, has destroyed the lives of these children and of their families. Clearly he knew he had no relevant qualifications to be so readily 'diagnosing' epilepsy, nor so recklessly prescribing dangerous anti-convulsant drugs like Epilim.

See also the long years of struggle by Ryan Pitcher's parents to find out the why their 3 year old died.

"Dr Holton now works as a consultant neurophysiologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust."
I believe he should be serving a long custodial sentence in prison for the horrific suffering he has inflicted on innocent children and their families.