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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Anne Diamond criticises the stigmatisation of fat people, whom she says are treated worse than drunks and junkies in society.

Anne Diamond: fat people get worse treatment than drunks and junkies in society
Article in the Telegraph


"The former breakfast TV host, who once underwent radical surgery in her battle to lose weight, claimed obesity in Britain has reached crisis levels so quickly that the public do not understand it and stigmatise the seriously overweight.

She said the cost of treating illnesses linked to obesity, such as diabetes and heart disease, will bankrupt the National Health Service unless action is taken to help people lose weight.

But she added that she feared a likely Conservative government will only blame fat people for their size and not help tackle the problems of poor diet and lack of exercise that lie behind it.

Miss Diamond, 54, who made her name presenting TV-AM in the 1980s, returned to television in 2002 on Celebrity Big Brother having put on 5 stones.

She weighed almost 15st when she appeared on ITV's Celebrity Fit Club in 2006, but during filming admitted she had undergone surgery to help her lose weight, having a gastric band fitted to reduce the amount of food she could eat.

Miss Diamond is now writing a book about the global obesity epidemic and chaired a discussion at the National Obesity Forum's annual conference in London on Tuesday.

New research suggests three quarters of British adults are already overweight or obese, 10 per cent more than previously feared, with the NHS spending £4.2bn on treating diseases linked to weight last year.

Miss Diamond said: "Obesity is one of those things that is hugely stigmatised in society, but the more we talk about it, the more we get it into the open.

"We are much more sympathetic to credit card addicts, alcoholics and drug addicts than the obese."

If anyone should be stigmatised about obesity, it should not be the fat people themselves; it should be the medical profession, nutritionists and dieticians, and the rest of the malign dieting industry plus the manufacturers of salt-laden convenience 'food'. - They, especially the doctors, have caused the increase in the incidence and severity of obesity by proulgating the fraudulent claim that 'overeating' is the cause of obesity and that eating less food/fewer calories/less fat and taking more exercise will reduce obesity. - It doesn't and it won't!

Giving up dieting, reducing salt intake and eating plenty of good food including plenty of fruit and (unsalted) vegetables and dairy calcium in milk and/or low fat yoghurt (not cheese, because it's salty) will ensure safe loss of excess weight.

Obesity is caused by salt sensitivity leading to fluid retention and thus to excess weight. There are various causes of salt sensitivity, the most dangerous of which is the reckless prescribing of certain groups of drugs by doctors who have not familiarised themselves with the side-effects of some of the powerful drugs they prescribe - drugs like steroids, anti-depressants and anti-psychotics and certain pain-killers and other drugs.

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