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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pet rabbits are now increasingly becoming overweight/obese... - They should not be given food containing salt.

Sweet treats creating wave of tubs bunnies

Extracts from Sunday Telegraph article:

"Like the much-loved children's book character, who became so fat he was barely able to dodge Farmer McGregor, British pet rabbits are piling on the pounds.

A new survey has found a quarter of all pet rabbits are overweight, with eight out of 10 vets saying the trend is escalating. Owners are blamed for giving treats such as honey and chocolate. Even carrots are contributing to the problem, with many varieties grown for their high sugar content to make them sweeter for human tastes."

"Two of the country's largest pet insurers say obesity-related issues now make up 25 per cent of claims for rabbits, which have increased in popularity in recent years. Up to two million are kept as pets.

Elaine Pendlebury, a senior vet at the PDSA, said: "The number of obese rabbits I see in the surgery is only the tip of the iceberg. If you are feeding a rabbit toast and honey, that is a lot of calories for them and will pile on the pounds.""

"Fat rabbits can find it difficult to clean themselves and this may lead to an infestation of maggots, which can be fatal. Obesity can also lead to a condition called "sore hocks", involving painful wounds on the paws, which can also cause death. Overweight females can suffer life-threatening pregnancy toxaemia.

As with other species, obesity in rabbits can lead to joint and bone problems, heart and breathing difficulties, and an increased risk of cancer.

Simon Wheeler, head of marketing for insurance firm Petplan, which carried out the latest study, said 25 per cent of all claims for rabbits related to dietary issues or obesity, up from 12 per cent last year.

He said: "The results of the survey suggest rabbits are catching up with the nation's cats and dogs in the obesity stakes. It's serious in all pets, because being overweight can lead to heart problems, diabetes and respiratory problems.""

But it is not overeating and too many calories that are causing this obesity and its attendant illnesses, disabilities and needless pain and suffering. - As with obesity in general, both in people and in pets, the cause of the obesity is fluid retention, and the way to reduce/prevent the obesity is to reduce the fluid retention. - This means not giving your rabbit (or cat, or dog) food containing salt, e.g. bread/toast, leftovers from your ready meal or takeaway.

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