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Friday, November 16, 2007

The slimming drug, Rimonabant/Acomplia, an appetite suppressant, causes depression and other adverse symptoms, and is not much good for losing weight.

Study links slimming drug to depression

Extract from the Telegraph:

"The safety of a slimming drug taken by tens of thousands of people in UK has been questioned after new research linked it to a 40 per cent increase in the risk of depression.

Rimonabant, marketed as Acomplia, is an appetite surpressant prescribed on the NHS for people who are obese.

Research carried out in Denmark involving records of 4105 people found that although the patients on the drug lost 4.7kg (10lbs) more than those on a dummy pill, they were much more likely to suffer psychological problems.

Patients on rimonabant were 2.5 times more likely to stop taking their medication due to depression and were three times more likely to stop because of anxiety.

The Danish research is published in The Lancet medical journal accompanies an editorial by Australian experts saying the study 'raises major questions about the safety of rimonabant in obese people'.

In 2006 over one million prescriptions were written for obesity drugs in England alone."

The objective of an appetite suppressant drug is to get the person taking it to eat less food/fewer calories than their body requires. If it succeeds in this objective - getting someone to eat less food than their body requires - it should be no surprise that the person feels depressed. - You, too, would probably feel pretty miserable if you were eating less food than your body required. - Eating less food than your body requires? - Go figure! - It's not likely to do you any good, is it? - Dieting makes you tired, cold, hungry - and depressed. - It doesn't make you slim...

It's easy for obese people to lose weight without any adverse side-effects if they give up dieting completely, and concentrate instead on giving up eating salt/sodium and salty food. Obese people who do this seriously lose about a stone (14 pounds) in the first month! - One woman, Joyce Barnard, lost 5 stone (70 pounds) in a year by doing this! - She completely stopped sprinkling salt onto her meals and she used LoSalt instead of ordinary salt in her cooking. - That is all she did. - You'd never get weight loss like that by using appetite suppressants!

I think it's scandalous that the NHS is wasting money and damaging people's health by paying for this pharmaceutical junk to be prescribed to innocent patients.

Lose weight and improve your health in many ways without drugs or expense by eating less salt! - Try it! - You will feel so much better!

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