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Monday, November 26, 2007

Vulnerable children are 'stars' after three years at boarding school

Vulnerable pupils are 'stars' after three years at boarding school

Extract from The Independent:

"The children in the research project were all placed in private or state boarding schools by the Royal Wanstead Children's Foundation – which aims to support vulnerable children, mainly from one-parent families, in boarding schools.

In addition to 70 per cent with emotional problems, 60 per cent had been exposed to abusive, threatening or violent behaviour in their home or family environment before starting at boarding school. Most were in the care of mothers with serious mental or physical illnesss and 13 per cent were having to act as "carers" to another sibling or parent.

After three years at boarding school, 85 per cent of the 11- to 17-year-olds were performing better than the average for a child of their age. Thirty-five per cent were in the top 25 per cent for their age group. The report, Breaking Through, says the children were "star performers" within three years.

Colin Morrison, chairman of the foundation, said: "I call on ministers ... to provide means-tested grants to enable more children who are not in local authority care to attend boarding school. We calculate that within the existing boarding school provision in the UK there is capacity for an extra 2,000 vulnerable children who could be accommodated with just a little additional funding."

Lord Adonis began talks with state and private boarding schools over opening their doors to children in care last year – and said many were keen to back the idea. He said: "Such placements come at a price – but they could prove good value in terms of greater stability and educational success for looked-after children in the right circumstances.""

If you would like your child/ren to do better at school, you might like to consider reducing the amount of salt and salty food they eat...

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