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Monday, November 19, 2007

Information about another 'superbug' that may be killing hundreds of hospital patients

New 'superbug' may be killing hundreds

Extracts from Telegraph article:

"Pseudomonas is dangerous because it is especially virulent in intensive care units and has become increasingly resistant to treatment, says Professor Mark Enright, an authority on healthcare-acquired infections.

"Pseudomonas is a nightmare for hospitals - a real struggle," said Prof Enright, of Imperial College, London.

"It is not as common as MRSA or C diff, and not one of the most aggressive pathogens, but Pseudomonas is probably untreatable in a lot of cases.

"It ends up killing some people because it is so resistant to antibiotics."

"Although not officially classed as a superbug, Pseudomonas is usually found in specialist wards and can cause a wide range of illnesses, including meningitis, and can also lead to blindness or the loss of limbs.

It is a serious problem in patients whose immune systems are low, such as those in the late stages of cancer, cystic fibrosis, HIV, or suffering from severe burns.

In September, the paediatric intensive care unit at Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Sick Children was closed for 48 hours after Pseudomonas bacteria were found in five children.

In 2005, an outbreak at Guy's Hospital in London left one woman dead and infected 18 other patients who were receiving treatment in the urological surgery department.

Survivor Alfred Nell, 40, from Luton, believes that he developed blood poisoning after coming into contact with Pseudomonas through a contaminated microscope. He is now planning to sue the hospital for damages."

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