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Sunday, February 06, 2011

How do YOU deal with temptation?

How do YOU deal with temptation? - I've decided the best way for me to deal with it is to avoid it as far as I can. - If it's something that would harm me if I ate it - like cheese, say, which contains a lot of salt and therefore should be avoided by steroid victims - I simply never buy it. If it's not in my home, I can't give in to a moment of weakness and nibble at 'just a bit'. I think it's so much harder to resist what is there in the fridge or in a cupboard, than it is to resist buying it in the first place.

Almost all the food that I buy is bought over the internet and so that naturally reduces temptation for me. If you normally go to shop in physical shops, then it must be harder for you to resist your favourites, especially if you ever go shopping when you are really hungry and the likelihood of impulse purchases is much greater. If impulse shopping is your downfall, why not try ordering your groceries over the internet or by phone sometime and see if that makes it easier for you to keep your little 'addictions' in check?