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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

World Alzheimer's Day today

As it's World Alzheimer's Day today, I'd like to remind everyone of the recent good news about researchers favouring Vitamin B supplementation to ward off Alzheimer's Disease, and to suggest future research along the lines of finding any other nutrients that also would reduce the risk of developing this illness. But even before this, I suggest that it might be a good idea for (elderly) people at risk of impaired memory or failing reasoning ability, to have tests of their nutritional status, and to have any deficiencies dealt with. They would feel better and happier and become stronger and less vulnerable to falls, etc. And it would all be so much better and more positive and fruitful than trying to label/(libel?) them 'depressed' or any other label that rewards greedy GPs with even more money in their practice's pocket! I suspect that improving nutrition would not only delay/prevent the onset of dementia but also of many other diseases currently thought of as the diseases of aging but actually the consequences of sub-optimal or inadequate nutrition, or damage from prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Another suggestion I've made many times before is that there should legal curbs on prescribing pharmaceutical drugs. - 1) A complete ban on antidepressants would save a lot of money and a lot of suffering since they don't work even though many doctors like to deceive themselves that they do, and they very frequently cause weight gain/obesity/fluid retention/sodium retention and its co-morbidities. 2) Allowing only designated doctors (those with more than the usual rudimentary knowledge/ignorance of the sodium retention side-effect) to prescribe certain classes of drugs like steroids, etc which frequently result in rapid, massive weight gain, because the highly relevant fact is that these drugs also have dementia as one of their many ghastly side-effects.

Read about the anti-depressant, Amitriptyline and prescribed steroids and HRT and about vulnerable groups.