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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Quelle surprise! - Research funded by the makers of equipment used in obesity surgery finds that more obesity surgery 'could save millions of pounds'!

Here is the report. Obviously the purpose of the research was to find that more obesity surgery would save money because that is the finding that will profit the manufacturers paying for the research. That being the case, the findings should not be trusted. It's like the drug trials funded by the drug manufacturers: the fraudulent positive claims made lead to massive financial gains for Big Pharma and for the greedy doctors who collude with them by publicising the pharmaceutical junk, but cause widespread harm to the unfortunate patients whose health is damaged by the drugs, e.g. statins, which do far more harm than good.

Always check who has funded medical research and always wear your sceptical specs when doing so. Medical research findings are notorious for so often seeking commercial gain, rather than patient health. - Follow the money! Always ask yourself, "Cui bono?" (Who benefits?)

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