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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If you want to lose some excess weight, make sure you eat breakfast!

You may think that by pretending to yourself and other people that you 'just don't feel hungry' in a morning and doing without breakfast you are bound to lose weight, but I'm afraid that isn't the case. When you disregard your body's need for food and your body's message of hunger, and you go without food for too long, by the time you allow yourself to eat you may feel like a ravening wolf! - Unhappily, in that condition, you are more likely to wolf down the quickest, easiest food you can get hold of...)o: - Sandwiches, crisps and other salty stuff, processed garbage, diet junk, unsuitable drinks, cakes full of nothing that resembles good nutrition - stuff them all in! the faster the better. Fast food eaten fast; fast food eaten in excess; fast food to pacify that empty, hungry wolf inside you, born because you didn't breakfast!

Here's what you could try: have an egg at breakfast time; have some delicious probiotic wholemilk yoghurt and a banana. These don't take much time or effort, but they are good for you - good nutrition with some of the protein and fat and vitamins, etc. that your body needs. If you get something nutritious inside you before you start work you will work more efficiently and so will your body and your brain. And by the time you have your midday meal you will not be tempted to bolt down a riot of highly flavoured rubbish bearing little resemblance to real food.

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