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Saturday, September 04, 2010

About finding a dead mouse in a loaf of bread

If you were to publicise about finding a dead mouse in a loaf, no-one would dream of writing to say that they had had a loaf from the same bakery and it hadn’t had a dead mouse in it! And the bakery from which you had bought the bread would not explain that most of their loaves didn't contain dead mice. And trainee bakers wouldn't explain that bakers work long hours and so you can't expect all the loaves to be perfect and you should be reasonable and accept that obviously some of them will contain dead mice, but it's nothing to do with carelessness or incompetence or negligence or malice; it's just one of those things, a matter of statistics, and there should be a system of 'no-fault' compensation for anyone who has the temerity to complain about being gravely harmed by the effects of the dead mouse in the loaf.

The strange scenario I have outlined in my first paragraph is not an inappropriate analogy to the responses that tend to follow from complaints about doctors or medical negligence or the Health Service. - What a cheek to complain about dead mice! - Just get over it!