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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mad NHS versions of 'Catch 22' used to cover up medical negligence or The patient's place is in the wrong.

If you refuse painkillers, explaining that painkillers do not work on you, then you are told it is your own fault you are in pain because of your refusal to take painkillers. The actual cause of the pain is not addressed.

Dental version: If you have such excruciating and constant toothache that sleep is impossible and you cry with all the stress of pain and exhaustion and sleeplessness, this proves you are suffering from Depression, not Toothache. If by monumental effort you manage not to cry, this proves you are not in pain.

If you are overweight this means you are greedy and lazy and you are told to eat less and exercise more. If you then eat less and exercise more and, of course, you do not lose weight because this advice does not work, this proves you did not follow the advice and you are told again to eat less and exercise more.