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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Avoid anticholinergic drugs like certain antidepressants and certain narcotic pain relievers if you want to avoid brain damage

Read these warnings about the pharmaceutical drugs that cause cognitive impairment, higher risk of dementia, Alzheimer's disease and other adverse side effects while providing little significant benefit to the patient.

Many years ago I was duped into taking anti-depressants and sleeping tablets to try to cope with the agonising pain of acute dental abscesses and other serious dental problems caused by negligent dental treatment. Dentists and doctors sought to cover up the sustained negligence by claiming that I was not in pain, but simply 'depressed'! Read more detail about this here. I well remember the adverse effects of these harmful drugs and how extremely addictive the sleeping tablets were. - They provided me with 14 nights of heavy, unrefreshing sleep but it took me eight months of gruelling determination to wean myself off them. Under no circumstances would I ever take any psychotropic drugs again.

The brain is not infinitely elastic. Protect it by saying no to pharmaceutical junk.