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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Obesity could shorten your life by eight years, study suggests

See LiveScience article. And of course there are the many health problems that you could suffer too because of the obesity.

Obesity is caused by people being given misleading information about the causes of obesity and how to avoid/reduce it. For example, only a small proportion of people know that the easiest and safest way to lose a lot of excess weight is to cut down on salt and salty food. This reduces fluid retention in the body, and is a really fast, effective way of losing weight because the excess fluid being carried about consists of salt and water, and as you know, water is heavy. Cutting down on your salt/sodium intake results in you excreting more urine, and so you lose weight and your blood pressure goes down and there are many other desirable health benefits from this simple, cost-free, drug-free alteration to the food you eat. - And it involves no hunger and no counting calories...(o:

How to lose excess weight safely and easily without bothering about calories at all.

See sodium in food.

Groups vulnerable to salt.