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Friday, July 02, 2010

Excellent article by Alex Renton about toxic trans fats and the harmful products that contain them

See Daily Mail article. It looks as if it's best to avoid transfat-containing Krispy Kremes and Elmlea cream substitute with a bargepole. Don't make yourself ill and be one of the thousands of people who die before their time just for the sake of a doughnut and some artificial cream! - And check out those biscuits!

I urge you to read the article. I'm sure you will find it eye-opening. And then ponder why on earth Andrew Lansley as Health Secretary is against banning trans fats from food! - He should be relieved of his post; he is a laughing stock among people interested in promoting health. He is bringing the government into disrepute. What on earth were they thinking of to appoint him to such a powerful position in which he can do such harm? Were they just 'aving a larf? From his reaction to the Whitewash Report about the UK's Swine Flu Vaccine deb√Ęcle, he clearly favours Big Pharma as well as Food Inc...)o: - Please, Mr Prime Minister, can we have a Health Secretary with a bit of interest in keeping citizens healthy, rather than boosting the profits of big business?