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Monday, July 12, 2010

Most bags of crisps are about twice as large as they used to be, despite manufacturers pledging to reduce their size.

See the Telegraph article. You certainly can't accuse snack food manufacturers of falling over themselves to make their products less unhealthy, especially the salty snack brigade. But they do provide us with a free laugh or two, e.g. "PepsiCo, who make Walkers and Doritos crisps, announced a major commitment to healthy living in March, saying they would scrap the 40g and 50g ‘grab bag’ of crisps by 2015." - Only 5 years to wait...(o: - How many children's lives have they damaged with their salt-laden junk? And how many more will suffer in order to swell PepsiCo's profits?

Andrew Lansley, the UK Secretary of State against Health and for Food Inc, favours a “non-regulatory approach” to tackle obesity. Personally, I favour a change of job for Andrew Lansley.

Children need to be protected from salt and salty food. See Children and Salt.