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Friday, April 09, 2010

Timely article by Andrew Gilligan, criticising our ever-worsening NHS

Telegraph article by Andrew Gilligan drawing attention to increasing deterioration in NHS standards, mainly attributable to overpaid, self-serving bureaucrats who don't care about the well-being of patients.

It's well worth reading the comments beneath the article. Almost all of them are scathing in their criticism of the NHS and desire for it to shed managers and quangos and such, and cut staff and costs in general. It would be difficult to find among these comments much support for the general political view of the NHS as a much-beloved/respected sacred cow that must be protected for the good of the nation.

My personal view, having had my health comprehensively and systematically destroyed by the NHS, is that it should not be reformed. It should be scrapped ASAP because it does far, far, FAR more harm than good. Our tax money would do more good as funding insurance for private provision with emphasis on nutritional testing and provision of suitable supplements where indicated.

But OVERWHELMINGLY we need legal and effective sanctions against culpable negligence by healthcare staff. Without accountability we have no protection from the damage they carelessly inflict on us. And I'm not talking about fines; I'm talking about criminal court cases.

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