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Friday, April 02, 2010

Poem for Good Friday


I perch in the teeth of the adversary,
But "I" am not really here.
I have been taken over
By the body, mind and spirit snatcher,

Rodents gnaw.
Other tormentors hover,
Ready to pounce at any
Lack of vigilance.

Warily, fearful of jarring
The enemy into fiercer attack,
I move and switch on the TV.

The coloured, flickering light
Has no meaning.
My concentration is inward. - I

Where is the life of the intellect?
What of happiness?

Let me die!
I want no resurrection.
Let me sleep!

I'll change places with You anytime.
Your crucifixion lasted only hours.

O God Who does not exist!
Make the pain stop!

Margaret Wilde © 2010